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Our blends are
inspired by life!

Sacred Life essential blends are expertly crafted with coconut oil for a quick, easy application in our simple to use roll-on blend allowing you to find moments of bliss and peace along your busy journey of life.

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Finding mindfulness and internal synergy in our fast-paced, hectic lives often feels like an unattainable task, but you can have clarity of the mind, body and spirit. Using Sacred Life essential oil kits brings a wealth of all-natural elements into your home easily and efficiently.

Crafted from the purest ingredients sourced from around the world, our blends contain nature’s finest. The healing art of using essential oils is now available to you, whether it be our Immunity Blend to help ease a sore throat or enhancing your emotional balance with our Mood Blend. Don’t forget the Pain Blend, which can engage your core to dissolve temporary discomfort and clear the mind.

Plus, we know the importance of bringing a balanced lifestyle into your home, so we’ve even crafted an essential oil especially for kids that can safely and effectively introduce these elements into your child’s life.

Immunity Blend Kit

Essential Oils for Immunity

Living in a fast-paced, on-the-go world isn’t always optimal for the mind and body, but finding moments of peace and serenity to help heal the soul from daily stressors is essential to your health.

With Sacred Life’s Immunity kit of essential oil blends, you’ll find that you can escape the bustle around you while also taking steps to strengthen your internal immune system.

The ingredients in the Immunity kit of essential oil blends are sourced directly from the Earth’s bounty and are hand-selected to provide you with those moments of escape and reboot of the soul. The kit contains Defense, Breathe, Energize and Skin blends, which are used to reenergize the mind and body. Each blend is pre-diluted with the highest quality carrier oil so you can apply anywhere at anytime. Recharge your mind, body and soul with this kit to help you enjoy every moment to its fullest.

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Mood Blend Kit

Essential Oils for Mood

Whether you’re in need of a sound night’s rest or to stay fully focused at work, Sacred Life offers essential oil blends to help make the most of your world. With our Mood kit of essential oil blends, you’ll find an essential blend for whatever mountains you must climb in a day including the one to help you get a full-night’s rest to continue your journey each day. The kit includes the Attention, Sensual, Uplift and Sleep blends already diluted with the perfect carrier oil so you can apply your oil anywhere. Enhance the mood of each moment with this perfectly crafted kit.

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Pain Blend Kit

Essential Oils for Pain

It can be said that the road less traveled is filled with life’s treasures unknown, but it can also cause our physical selves to be worn down. Don’t disrupt the unique path in life you must take and use the Sacred Life Pain kit of essential oil blends to keep on your journey. Providing pre-diluted essential oil blends that include Head, Muscle, Tummy and Forgiveness the Pain kit is an integral part of keeping you going when life knocks you down. And for those especially tough trials and tribulations we each must face to grow, use the Forgiveness blend to relieve the general daily physical and mental pressures.

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Kids Blend Kit

Essential Oils for Kids

Providing your child with an all-natural and greener experience in life is essential to their journey. We, at Sacred Life, fully comprehend the necessity in keeping your child safe, healthy and happy, which is why we created an essential oil kit specifically catered to the needs of kids. The essential oil kit contains Immunity, Tummy, Attention and Breathe blends formulated using only the highest quality carrier oil at a safe 2% essential oil dilution rate, ideally for use by kids. They are the perfect way to build your child up as well as introduce the natural elements of essential oils into their lives. Safely and effectively provide your child with the tools necessary to always keep them strong and focused no matter what.

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