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What Everyone Should Know
Before Beginning Aromatherapy

Learn these proven skills for at-home aromatherapy to make essential oils a way of life for you and your family. Don’t miss out on this information – download your free eBook today!

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What You'll Learn

What are
Essential Oils?

Learn where these powerful natural products come from and why they are suddenly so popular for people getting rid of toxic exposure ill their homes.

Why Should You Blend
Essential Oils Together?

From Lavender to Lemongrass, essential oils alone are powerful and flexible -- but mixed together they can be even more effective and dynamic.

Which Oils
Can You Blend?

Which oil combinations are best for reducing stress? And for natural energy? Sore muscles? A romantic evening? Find your solutions with our comprehensive list.

Where to Start

Your oils are powerful natural tools … if you know how to use them correctly. Find out how to use them on your skin, in the air in your home and around your family.

Using Essential Oil
Safely in Your Life

Using these powerful concentrated products requires attention and care. Learn the foundational rules of using essential oils safely.


I’ve been searching for an essential oil guidebook now for a couple years. I’m so glad Sacred Life compiled this book; it provides the right amount of information on how to effectively and safely use essential oils without the hassle of having to comb through long, boring text books. I have this book printed out on my desk for reference.

Lauren Smith — Austin, Texas