Natural Quality is Our Focus

At Sacred Life, we believe that your trust is the highest standard and best reward. We hold our products and service to a level of excellence to earn that trust, so that you can feel confident that you are getting the best of nature – and of us. 

100% Pure Botanicals

We use only 100% pure oils organically sourced from farms and fields around the world.

Clean Ingredients

Every ingredient is printed on the label and never includes artificial fragrances, parabens, silicone, or SLS. 

Quality Assurance

Each oil is rigorously GC-MS tested for quality by independent research and manufactured in FDA registered facilities.

100% Pure Botanicals – Guaranteed

  • We take great care in sourcing premium essential oils from the best farms, fields and forests from around the globe. 
  • Our essential oil-infused selfcare products are powerful natural solution to support and heal both the body and mind. 
  • We use authentic essential oils with zero added filler or chemical fragrances – don’t fall for lower-quality alternatives containing perfumes and synthetic substitutes. 

Clean Ingredients

  • No guessing and no compromise – what’s in our bottles is printed on our labels. There are no hidden ingredients, fillers or surprises.
  • From branch to bottle, every last petal and peel that makes its way into our blends is naturally derived. We accept no manufactured ingredients. 
  • Our products are powerful and effective because of their authentic plant origins … no synthetics, fragrance or adulterants are ever added. 

Documenting Our Standards

  • Every one of our essential oils is independently GC-MS tested by a third party to assure the beneficial natural constituents remain at optimal levels.
  • Our blends are carefully curated, stored, bottled and shipped from a facility in the U.S.A. registered with the FDA.
  • Every one of our essential oil blends, powerful singles and nature-based selfcare tools has been carefully developed and refined for potency, effectiveness and natural power by our specialized essential oil experts.

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